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No job is too big or too small for our teams. Dobricks Junk Removal is Flagstaff’s local leader in junk removal and light demolition that 2-15 crew members can carry away from your residential or commercial property. Have a larger project? We can also bring in heavy equipment and roll-off dumpsters when necessary. Your project goals are our main priority and we’re here to solve your problems by removing them from the roof down to the roots!


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Dobricks Junk Removal and Hauling is a locally owned and operated business servicing Flagstaff, Arizona. As a result, Dobricks mission is to provide Flagstaff and communities around it with a reliable junk removal and hauling solution. Dobricks Junk Removal was began after providing the service to family and friends. Of course, we realized it was an vary useful service that should be reliably offered to all!

In short, Dobricks loves solving your problems by taking them away. Give us a call today, after all, we work effectivly and effecently all year round. 

Please note: Our minimum pickup and/or delivery cost is $150.00 depending on location, accessibility, and type of material. 


Likewise, If the service that you need is not listed just send us an email, since we still may be able to assist you!


Dobricks can remove all types of yard debris and landscaping waste year round!


Dobricks can haul or remove all types of building materials from your office or home!


Dobricks can remove and recycle all kinds of electronics from your home or business!


We haul and deliver all shapes and sizes of furniture all year round in Flagstaff.


Unwanted home appliances can be removed from inside or outside!


Is the service you need not listed?  Don’t worry call today and find out if Dobrickshauling™ can help!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Questions we've received from friends, neighbors and clients over the years.

Do we provide clean up after debris or junk removal?

Yes, but the customer must request this prior to invoicing!

Do you offer same day removal?

Typically yes, however, that depends on our current workload– we have a flexible schedule and can also work after business hours. This also includes Saturday. We do not provide Sunday service due to Waste Management facilities being closed

Do I have to be at home for you to haul away my junk?

No, although we do prefer that someone is there on-site when our crew arrives.
If no one is on location for an estimate, go to the home page on dobrickshauling.com and request a quote, (Include photos of the work you want done) so we can assess pricing over the phone . Upon your approval, we will then begin the job. Once complete, we will call to accept a credit card payment over the phone.

Can you pick up and haul away just one item?

Yes. Although this is limited to larger items. Such as Craigslist pick up or deliveries.

Can you remove items from inside homes / businesses?

Yes, However the home or business owner (or manager) will need to be present.

What type of payments do you accept?

We are flexible, and accept many payment options, including all major credit cards.

Have more questions?

We are here to answer any other questions you may have.

Please reach out to us at:

Phone: 928-351-7299

Email: [email protected]

Do you offer after-hours or Saturday hauling services?

Yes – we have a flexible schedule and can work after business hours. Saturday is also available, we do not operate on Sundays due to Waste Management Facilities being closed.

Where do unwanted items go?

Most is taken to the nearest solid waste facility or transfer station for proper disposal. However, items that are deemed salvageable are taken to the appropriate charity drop-off and/or recycling location(s).

Do you recycle or donate the things you pick up?

Absolutely, for this reason, we will donate everything we can and recycle anything an Arizona family can’t reuse.

Why can’t Dobrick's dispose of Hazardous Waste?

Legally, as a result we are unable to carry Hazardous material in our trucks. Please contact our local Recycling Center for assistance in disposing of these materials. They can be reached at (928) 286-5725.

Why can’t an exact price be quoted before arrival?

Dobricks Hauling is unable to give a firm quote for your job until we are able to see exactly what you want taken away. Upon arrival, our estimator will provide you with an up-front quote. Our pricing is based primarily on 4 variables.

  • How much volume/junk?
  • What does it weigh (depending on material)?
  • Where is it located?
  • Time necessary for removal.

The price for heavy materials, such as dirt, stone, gravel, roofing material, and concrete, cannot always be accurately estimated up front due to landfill fee’s measured based on weight. Although it is rare, final pricing may increase if disposing of these types of materials.

The original estimate cannot always be a concrete number depending on the type of material being removed, we do our best to avoid this at all costs. Sometimes a job site will have materials that take an increased amount of time and space that are impossible to judge. You will be notified in advance if the job-site has increased its initial estimation.  

What does Dobrick's haul away?

Dobricks Hauling will take away any non-hazardous items that two strong crew members can lift into a truck or trailer. Moreover, anything from household items such as old furniture, electronics, large boxes, and appliances, to renovation debris, yard waste and more.

Why are appointments booked in two-Hour blocks?

We schedule pick-ups in two-hour blocks of time to accommodate the travel and labor time needed to load and dispose of/recycle between previously completed jobs and travel to the necessary processing facilities.

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